Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Life's Powerful Lessons

I strongly believe that no matter what I go through in life whether it's a challenging experience or a pleasurable one, every experience provides me with something of value. I have conditioned myself to embrace whatever life brings to me and internalize it in the form of an inspiring mantra, I want to live by.

When I view life as a classroom, it's not a dull place, where we sit on some forward facing desks and listen to a not so interesting teacher. But it is more of a workshop where the learning is experiential. I like to think that the workshop of life is perfectly organized so that we learn what we need to learn, when we need to learn it, and just the way we need to learn it. The operative word in all this is - 'need', and not 'want'.

Life's lessons come in various forms and ways. Sometimes what we need to know, we learn it formally by attending a workshop or by reading a book or any such way. Sometimes we learn in an informal, seemingly coincidental and unexpected way, such as overhearing a comment in an elevator, or a friend's remark, or an inspiring line of a song from a passing radio. The good news is that we learn all we need to know eventually. For some people, however, eventually is not soon enough.

We tend to forget to acknowledge the lesson, especially when things don't go our way and tend to stick to the emotions. However, we need to take away the lessons and release the emotions that can impact us adversely beyond our intellectual understanding. As we navigate change and challenges, the most important question to ask is: "What's the lesson here?"

The worst days in our lives can be the most powerful in terms of the lessons we choose to learn from them. Our bad times bring many blessings with them like the beauty of wisdom, strength of character, invincible courage and deeper compassion. We are what we are, not because of our good times but because of our bad times.

Through life's experiences, we have the opportunities for change and self-realization. There are no failures or mistakes, only lessons to be learnt. And one of the most fascinating aspects about life is that we cannot escape from the lessons, it wants to teach us. The greatest lesson we are here to learn is how to live a life of happiness.

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